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**Kindly Read The Following Information Before Ordering, And Customise Your Plan Below.


You may choose from the following each week:
✓  1 x 250ml Milk Kefir from Standard Collection.
✓  1 x Traffic Light Color Bowl


Standard Collection Kefir
Consists of Original, Strawberry, and Turmeric Flavours.

Premium Collection Kefir
Consists of Avocado, Berries Baby, and Beetroot Flavours

Traffic Light Color Bowl™
Contains Avocado, Organic Chia Seed, Organic Açai Berry Powder, Organic Flaxseed and Organic Milk Kefir with the Choice of (1) Mango/Banana/oOange, (2) Strawberry/Red Apple/Cherries, (3) Medjool Dates/Figs.


- For Color Bowl Add-Ons, simply select under "Add-Ons" section & add to cart.
To add-on for 1 week - choose qty 1
To add-on for 4 weeks - choose qty 4

- If seasonal fresh figs are not available, dried figs will be used instead.

- With minimum add-on order of $12.00, additional kefir products will be delivered on the same delivery day at no additional cost.

- Upgrade from Standard to Premium Collection at only $2.00 nett.

- Split 1 x 250ml Kefir Bottle into 2 x 120ml Kefir Pouches at only $0.60 nett.

Customise Your Plan Below in 3 Simple Steps.

Step 1: Select 4-Week or 8-Week Plan

Step 2: Select Qty of Bottles To Upgrade From Standard to Premium Collection (Optional)

Step 3: Select Qty of Bottles To Split Into Pouches (Optional)