Terms and Conditions ("T&Cs")
1. Payment Policy - updated as of 6 July 2022
Bank processing fee with be payable by customer if you choose to checkout using credit card, debit card, and pay now. Manual payment of Bank Transfer must be fulfilled immediately after an order has been placed. Order will be cancelled in our system should there be an unsuccessful payment after 24 hours and a new order will have to be placed if necessary.
There will be no processing fee transact via Direct Bank Transfer and no 2% credit of the total amount payable will be given.
2. Delivery Policy
Free deliveries start from $70 and above. For orders between $60 to $69.99, a delivery fee of $5.00 applies.
For subscription and bulk orders, the delivery slot(s) from Week 2 will be scheduled through email or text message within 7 working days after an order has been placed. Kindly acknowledge upon receipt of email. Delivery will still be fulfilled at the given slot even in absence of acknowledgement if  delivery slot has already been notified at least 3 days before the delivery date. There will not be any forms of reminder before your actual delivery date and customers understand that he/she is responsible for keeping track of the delivery slot. In an event when customer select a different delivery timing slot (local delivery checker and shipping selected during checkout), the confirmed slot would be the shipping selected during checkout.
There will only be delivery to one location per order.
Our deliveries are only on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between 1130am to 530pm (Day Slot) and 6pm to 9pm (NIght Slot). Kindly provide the appropriate delivery address and ensure someone is home to receive your items within the selected time slot. The Grain Factory Pte. Ltd. will not be responsible for any loss or/and damaged items due to an  inaccurate address given.
In an event when no one is home to receive your items during the scheduled time slot, your items will be left at your gate. The Grain Factory Pte. Ltd. will not be responsible for any spoilt or/and lost items.
For delivery to office address, an extra charge may be included and a separate invoice will be emailed to you to complete your order. In an event when you are not available to receive the products during the scheduled time, your items will be left at your office premises. The Grain Factory Pte. Ltd. will not be responsible for any loss or/and damaged items.
As your items are produced fresh just before delivery, some items may not be chilled in time and would require you to refrigerate (1°C to 3°C) all the items upon receipt as soon as possible.
For any changes in delivery date or address after an order has been confirmed, kindly reach out to us at info@thegrainfactory-sg.com including your order number with a minimum of 3 working days before your scheduled delivery date. The Grain Factory Pte. Ltd. is unable to guarantee a same slot delivery and a reschedule may be required. No refund will be provided should the next available delivery date take longer than expected.
The Grain Factory Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to reschedule your delivery date or/and time in an event of unforeseen circumstances at any point.

3. Subscription Order Policy

For subscription order(s), we require a minimum of 2 days before your scheduled delivery date to  confirm your choice of flavours through email or IG message to ensure availability. Should we not receive any updates from you, your flavours will be delivered as random based on your standard or premium collection or we will follow the orders as your previous week. The Grain Factory Pte. Ltd. will not be responsible for any unsatisfactory flavours delivered due to absence of confirmation.

4. Refund Policy

Due to the nature of items, we are unable to provide refunds. If you receive any unsatisfactory or spoilt products, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at info@thegrainfactory-sg.com immediately - we are definitely here!
Although each and every product is produced with the highest level of quality, it is possible that we may have overlooked some areas. Upon reviewing on a case by case basis, a redelivery of the affected product(s) will be granted if eligible.
The Grain Factory Pte. Ltd. is unable to provide any forms of refund or redelivery of the affected items if there is no one to receive the products from our delivery man during the time of delivery. We strongly urge you to ensure someone is home to receive the products.
For subscription plan orders, there will not be any refund for any surplus should you wish to change your subscription plan halfway. Cancellation of subscription order or/and any add on items will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. If granted, customer will be responsible for any bank processing fee.
For customized bulk order, there will not be any refund for any surplus should you wish to change your products. Store credits may be issued after review in this case.
Individuals with milk allergy, specific medical conditions should consult professional advice before starting on milk kefir as there are varying degrees of allergy. Individuals with food allergy (particularly fruits), do approach us at info@thegrainfactory-sg.com. The Grain Factory will not be held responsible for any negative complications. 
For any reasons in request for refunds including long lead time, a 10% of the total product price price (excluding any delivery fee paid)l will be absorbed by customer. A refund will be successfully transacted in 3 working days, or as soon as practicable.
Should a refund be provided, kindly note that the refunded goods must fulfil the following criteria, or as directed by The Grain Factory Pte. Ltd. depending on your case:
• Each of all products must be returned in good order & condition, as when they were delivered;
• Its seal must be intact; and
• The customer must upon notice respond to The Grain Factory Pte. Ltd. within a given time frame for the order replacement.
Failing which, order replacement may not be provided.
5. Discount Code Policy
Influencer discount code(s) and other discount codes are valid only for one-time use per customer. Discount code is not applicable for any bulk order or subscription order or promotional items. An additional top up will be required if applicable. In an event when you have successfully placed an order but did not fulfill payment within the next 24 hours (an order will be cancelled if payment was not made within 48 hours after an order has been placed), the discount code will no longer be valid for your  new order placed subsequently. In an event when there is a subsequent order with the same email address and delivery address with the usage of same promo code, the outstanding payment has to be fulfilled in order for the order to be processed. Should customer wish to cancel the order at the end, bank processing fee has to be borne by the customer.

The Grain Factory Pte. Ltd. reserves the right to amend or void the T&Cs without prior notice.
6. "Share your Review" Policy
The Grain Factory Pte. Ltd. is providing a $8 off discount for their next order to customers who have submitted their reviews. Your discount code will be emailed to the email address provided within 7 working day(s) and it can be used for subscription order. Applicable to one code per customer. This review applies to only to those who have experience constipation relief, eczema relief, autoimmune conditions improvement, strengthening of immunity and other improvements in health conditions. You agree to The Grain Factory Pte. Ltd. sharing your review with your name disclosed on our web page and other marketing platforms once you have choose to submit your review.
The Grain Factory Pre. Ltd. reserves the rights to withhold any privileges that does not fit the above requirements.
7. COVID-19 Policy
In an event when our kitchen premises is required to be closed due to COVID-19, all orders will be postponed till operations are allowed to be resumed. There will not be any monetary refunds. Should you require exceptions, do write in to us at info@thegrainfactory-sg.com and refunds will only be made only by a case-by-case basis. All customers, including family members (same residence), who are on Quarantine Order, or/and recovering from COVID-19 at their residences MUST inform The Grain Factory Pte. Ltd. before the scheduled delivery.