Day Slots are from 1130am to 530pm
Night slots are from 6pm to 9pm
Deliveries are only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays only.
Kindly use our delivery slot checker upon checkout to view the available slots. 
Our typical cut-off days is 5 days before.
You will not be able to select any delivery day within 5 days or when the delivery day is already full.

For Day Slot
Kindly select "All Orders - Day Slot (1130am to 530pm)"
Delivery fee is by tier, For orders less than $60, a delivery fee of $10 is applicable. For orders between $60 to $69.99, there is a delivery fee of $5. 
Free delivery for one-off order are from S$70.00 and above for day slot (1130am to 530pm).
For Night Slot
Kindly select "One-off Order - Night Slot (6pm to 9pm)"
For night slot (6pm to 9pm), a delivery fee of S$18.00 is included for all priced orders.


For Day Slot
Kindly select "All Orders - Day Slot (1130am to 5pm)" for your shipping and there will not be any additional fee.
The price reflected on our subscription products are inclusive of a subsidized delivery fee of S$7.00 for day slot (1130am to 5pm) only.

For Night Slot
Kindly select "Subscription/Bulk Order - Night Slot (6pm to 9pm)".
There will be an additional fee of $10 per week, which equates to a total of additional S$40.00 for your 4-week delivery and/or a total of additional S$80.00 for your 8-week delivery.


We provide free delivery from orders S$60 and above only should you place a minimum of 4-week bulk order for Day Slot (1130am to 530pm). You can place a bulk order of 6-week and 8-week and more as well. Kindly add in all the items you require for a total of 4-week minimally for checkout. You can let us know your required items under order comments.

Each delivery week should have a minimum order price of S$60 to be eligible.

For Day Slots
Kindly select "All Orders - Day Slot (1130am to 530pm)".

For Night Slots
Kindly select "Subscription/Bulk Order - Night Slot (6pm to 9pm)"For night slot (6pm to 9pm), a delivery fee of S$10.00 is included for each week.

An additional S$20.00 would be required for your 4 weeks delivery and S$40.00 for your 8 weeks delivery.

Foam box, insulation bag and ice gel packs are available for purchase via this link.
For urgent order, an additional $20 delivery fee applies. Please message us at +658612 6594.
If you are intending to use your own cooling bag/box to receive your order, please ensure your cooling bag/box is placed at a prominent place - that can be easily spotted by our delivery personnel.
Please also send an email to info@thegrainfactory-sg.com to notify us at least 1 working day before your date of delivery. Include in your email the placement & specific type/description of your bag/box to aid our delivery personnel in identifying.
Kindly also ensure that the type of cooling bag/box used is able to keep your order chilled. We would however still recommend that someone be around to personally receive your order. You can read more about receipt of orders at our terms and conditions here.
The Grain Factory is not responsible for any goods left in the wrong cooling/storage bag/box, or goods that are not kept chilled despite placement in your cooling bag/box.
Alternatively, if you are unsure and wish to purchase our cooling box with ice pack to keep your orders chilled, click here.