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"In the endemic state we are in, I'm sure It has posed many stress to parents who send their kids to school. Every now and then when kids are sick, they have to stay home for 3 to 5 days and we can hardly work. I decided to give kefir a try for my 3 (coming ) year old. Ever since he has taken the pouches consistently (coming 8 weeks now, I see that he doesn't fall sick as easily! Even when he was sick, I was surprised at his recovery rate, it took him a day tp recover! So thankful to have chanced upon The Grain Factory as the consistent consumption of kefir has given busy working parents like me, a peace of mind!" - Ms Dianne    
"Ever since taking TGF, my child has stronger immunity and falls sick less often as compared to not taking kefir at all. It has also helped my child to pass motion more smoothly now without constipation. Overall, good for health and skin as used to have eczema too.” - Ms Kyla
"I have given your kefir to my daughter at 6 months old since she started weaning.  She didn’t fall sick throughout when she started infant care until only when she gotten covid. I believed the kefir has helped to build her immunity. My daughter also experience constipation on some days when she started weaning, I gave her your kefir and she pooped after that." - Ms Clarice