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"The kefir seems to be working for my mum who is 72! She has constipation problems. She used to poop only once in 5 to 7 days and relying quite a lot on fleet. But after 2 weeks of kefir (she takes one pouch on alternate days), she is pooping once every 3 to 5 days now and less relying on fleet also!" - Ms Jalene

“My mom in her 60s tried kefir for the first time and constipation issue improved.” - Ms Jolyn

"My husband was amazed that my daughter's poop was no longer hard! So extending my subscription for next 2 mths and more to come! Daughter loves it too and doesn't want to share!" - Ms Wen Ting, Subscription Customer 

"Hi TGF, just wanted to share that my two kids (3yr+ and 1 yr+) have started to drink 1 pack each and no more constipation problems! I'm so thankful and excited that they like TGF kefir products and it is definitely helping them!" -  Ms Rae, Subscription Customer

"My 3year old used to have constipation issue that take very long to poop. After started taking milk kefir about 1 month ago, can see that her condition has improved a lot, she can do her business much faster and she is not complaining any more. No more screaming for her." - Ms Gina

"My daughter (2.5 years old) was having constipation issues since she started eating solid and would go 4 to 5 days without pooping. After taking avocado kefir twice a week for the start, she would poop in 2-3 days which was an improvement. After a month of taking kefir with an increase intake of 2 pouches of avocodo and 2 pouches of strawberry per week, she would poop in alternate days and her poop texture is better. No more pebble stools! And most importantly, she enjoyed drinking the kefir every morning after her breakfast! Would definitely recommend to others!" - Ms Jasmine Lim