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Dedication to produce only the finest quality of organic milk kefir that you and your family can trust. To equip and empower individuals with the knowledge of using fermented foods for a happier and healthier them.
For a stronger nation, and in the future generations to come.
The Grain Factory Pte. Ltd. was founded by Ms Jessie back in 2019. Before the set up, she was majoring in Diploma in Biotechnology before she continue her Bachelor in Biological Sciences at Nanyang Technological University. After graduated from her Bachelors, she then moved on to work as a Research Officer in a local research institute under Immunology Department for 2 years.
After becoming a mum, she then left to be a stay home mum. Back then, her baby boy was very colicky during his first 3 months of life and was advised to be on probiotic drops. This is when she realised the importance of having a diverse gut microbiome. With chronic constipation issues as well, probiotic drops do not seem to alleviate as well as her child is approaching his first birthday.
In the midst of searching for a natural remedy, Ms Jessie found out about milk kefir and was amazed by how effectively it alleviated her son's constipation issues. It was a life changer since then. Milk kefir is not only probiotic rich, but is also high in calcium and other nutrients. This also serves as a great alternative to her son who was rejecting milk back then.
Through these years of daily consuming milk kefir, Ms Jessie also noticed the strengthening of her son immune system. Her belief in milk kefir through the results she sees in her own child has motivated her to help other young children to break free from constipation pains and build a healthy balance of immunity through gut health.
Today, Ms Jessie is a strong advocate on building resilience through strengthening in gut health since birth. Not only does TGF produces the finest artisanal organic milk kefir that as young as weaning babies can enjoy, she uses her knowledge in Biology to share about the importance of gut health backed by latest research and the consumption of whole foods and fermented foods as as an integral part of healthy lifestyle.