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"Hello TGF Team! I just wanna say kuddos and a huge thank you for this amazing probiotic drink. I consumed it daily during pregnancy from 7 months. My appetite was poor but I enjoyed drinking the milk kefir. Throughout the pregnancy, I noticed that my hair and nail growth was faster than usual. Despite my food aversions and poor appetite, I actually gave birth to a big baby, weighing at 4.175kg. I am convinced that it's from all the milk kefir I consumed everyday. Thank you for this wonderful product. HIghly recommend!!!" - Ms Marina
"It's the only milk product I can take without puking. I had constipation when I was pregnant with my first child due to iron pills. With kefir this pregnancy, I have regular bowel movement."- Ms Sheryl
"I was terribly constipated during my first pregnancy but I have none of that this time round. TGF milk kefir helps me with keeping my bowel movements regular this time round when I was pregnant with my second child. Kefir is my 2 year old and my daily start for the day." - Ms Lisa, Subscription Customer