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"My son used to have like rashes in between folds. Rashes still there but subsided quite a lot! Eczema improved!" - Ms Shi Hui

"My boy's severe whole body eczema has been ongoing for a year plus already. Tried so many probiotic supplement brands, the improvements usually abit only. But since started on TGF milk kefir daily for 2 weeks plus, I really see his skin improving tremendously. Supple to the touch and less itch. Milk kefir is really helping a lot! - Ms Quinn

"My younger child was diagnosed with PFAPA (an autoimmune disease) last year. With PFAPA, my child will have monthly fever episodes which caused disruption to our lifestyles. We did some research and understand that Kefir is a natural food which helps in autoimmune disease cases. We chanced upon the Grain Factory and decided to place our order for my child to try out. Both my children love the majority of the flavours offered and most importantly, I've seen vast changes to the frequency of my child fever episodes." - Ms Wen Xiang