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Effects of Milk Kefir for Gastroenteritis

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Viral gastroenteritis (commonly known as stomach flu) is a highly contagious intestinal infection caused by several different viruses. The most common way of  infecting the virus is through contact with an infected person’s fluids or by consuming contaminated food or water (passed via the fecal oral route).

Some common symptoms of viral gastroenteritis include:

Watery diarrhoea (usually non-bloody diarrhea)
Abdominal cramps
Low-grade fever
Muscle aches
Virus that causes gastroenteritis:
Norovirus - Norovirus is the most common cause of infection in adults and children. It is highly contagious which takes only a few particles of the virus to make us sick. You can get norovirus from contaminated food as well as contact with infected people and surfaces.
Rotavirus - Commonly infect young children. Adults can be infected with rotavirus but may not show any symptoms at all. They can still unknowingly pass the virus to others during this period. 
Astrovirus and enteric adenovirus are other viruses that can cause gastroenteritis.

Over 80% of our immune system is located in the digestive system. Majority of our body’s immune cells are located in the digestive tract and are assisted by the probiotic microorganisms that resides in there. These powerful microbes can recognize the presence of a pathogen and stimulate the body to initiate an immune response to fight off these harmful invaders, leading to milder illness and faster recovery.


Populating our gut with good bacteria also help us to eliminate pathogenic bacteria and viruses by outcompeting the harmful microbes for food and space which makes it harder for the harmful microbes to multiply and cause disease in our body.

Milk kefir contains over 30 to 50 strains of beneficial bacteria and yeasts. Because of its abundance in the variety of microbes, it is well able to elicit health-promoting effects. Known as the most potent source of probiotics as lacto-fermented milk, it is also a functional milk that is rich in highly absorbable and digestible nutrients. 


Read on why milk kefir is a "go-to" natural remedy for stomach issues.

"I'm recovering from gastric flu now and doctor says to stay away from dairy products. I don't know why but I'm craving for TGF milk kefir now. So I decided to risk it. Still taste good even though it's way past the best before date. Miraculously I felt better after drinking. So what sorcery is this?!" - Customer, Singaporean Mom recovering from a gastric flu

"My girl is better now. Think the milk kefir helps so want to give her more original."- Customer, Singaporean Mom to a toddler with diarrhea

Founder's 5 year old son has experienced watery diarrhea and vomiting (symptoms of stomach flu) without fever for 18 hours in April 2021. As a believer in the probiotic value in milk kefir, she chose TGF original milk kefir as her first choice in healing her son. Other foods in her son's 3 meal includes rice with chicken broth, hard-boiled eggs and bananas. Within 18 hours, her son is back to normal.

Lactose has to be avoided when one is experiencing illness eg stomach flu or lactose intolerance. TGF milk kefir is low in lactose and highly digestible. The high probiotic level and nutritional level in milk kefir also makes it a great food choice for preventing and healing from gastroenteritis (stomach flu).


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