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Recipe Giveaway: Egg Kefir Bread Spread for Children

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We all love kefir smoothies, but do you know that we can actually replace mayonnaise with probiotic-rich milk kefir for a more nutritious bread breakfast or a quick filler in-between meals.

And don't we all love serving eggs to our little ones because of the high protein and nutrients it can provide.

In this post, we will be sharing a simple egg kefir bread spread recipe using our Organic Milk Kefir. 


1. 1 hard boiled medium sized egg

2. 1 to 2 tablespoon of Organic Milk Kefir 

3. 1 tablespoon of Heinz yellow mustard

4. The Gourmet Collection Oregano Basil & Tomato Spice Blend

5. Ground black pepper

6. Gardenia White bread

Fresh Pea Sprout 


Chop up the hard boiled egg to your preferred bite-sized. Add the egg, kefir, mustard, sprinkles of spice blend and black pepper together before mixing them together. Cut the bread to your preferred shape/size. Spread the entire egg kefir mixture and pea sprout on the bread and serve. Serves the portion as shown on image.


The ingredients that we include in this egg kefir bread spread are purely because of the ingredients that I can find and want to offer to my child. Heinz yellow mustard contains turmeric and paprika that can be a little spicy on your taste bud. You may wish to use other mustard flavours or mayonnaise. For a healthier option, you may also go for wholemeal bread.

Original milk kefir has a tangy taste which most children or adults would find it harder to consume if they are not exposed to fermented foods at a young age.  By incorporating original milk kefir into foods that they like, it helps them get used to it and then start accepting the taste gradually. It is also a very convenient way to incorporate a boost of probiotics in your diet without preparing a separate meal.

We hope you enjoy this egg kefir bread. Do tag us if you try them! @thegrainfactory #eatwithtgf


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