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Items Receivable

Under Plan 2, each week you will receive
✓  3 x 250ml Milk Kefir

In a total of 4 weeks, you will receive 12 bottles. 

In a total of 8 weeks, you will receive 24 bottles


Change from Organic Milk Kefir To Kefir Smoothies with an additional of $2.00 nett.

How to change? Select the amount of bottles you wish to change from Organic to Kefir Smoothies in a total of 4 weeks or 8 weeks based on the plan you selected. Eg. If you wish to have 1 Organic Milk Kefir, 1 Beetroot bottle and 1 Avocado bottle per week, select 8 bottles to be changed to Kefir Smoothies in a total of 4 weeks or 16 bottles to be changed to premium in a total of 8 weeks subscription plan. 

Adzuki Matcha and Sesame Hojicha are NOT considered kefir smoothie flavours. You can however include this flavor with a top up of either $6 (if change 1 organic milk kefir bottle to adzuki or sesame) or $4 (if change 1 kefir smoothie bottle to adzuki or sesame). Simply let us know under the order comments during checkout and we will email you with a separate invoice for the top up.

Splitting of 1 Bottle into 2 Pouches
Split 1 x 250ml Kefir Bottle into 2 x 120ml Kefir Pouches at an additional of only $0.90 nett.

How to confirm your choice of flavours for your Subscription

The choice of your kefir flavour for each week can be stated under the order comments during checkout. If you wish to confirm your flavour on a later date, simply drop us an email with your order number under the Subject line at least 2 days before your scheduled delivery date.

How to confirm your delivery slots for your Subscription

Simply select only your 1st week of your Subscription start date upon checkout. The subsequent days of your delivery will be the same as your 1st week selected. We will then drop an email to you for your remaining 3 weeks or 7 weeks delivery date based on your plan before your 1st delivery date. 

How to add more kefir products to your Subscription

You can check out the additional kefir products together with your subscription order. Simply let us know the weeks in which you would like to receive the additional add-ons under order comments. Else, the additional items will be sent on Week 1 together with your subscription by default. 
Should you later decide to add on more kefir or make any changes to your existing subscription, simply fill up this form and we will revert to you shortly.

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