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Original TGF LACTOats® (The OG fermented oats)

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TGF LACTOats® is the leading fermented oats in the market. Made with organic premium rolled oats that are selectively sourced from the finest farm. These rolled oats are then fermented with our in-house organic milk kefir. 

Phytic acid (an anti-nutrient) is naturally present in oats. Phytic acid protects and toughens the oat through binding of minerals such as iron, zinc and even calcium. This binding in turn blocks the absorption of these minerals during digestion in our intestines. Phytic acid can also block nutrient absorption from your subsequent meals.

Milk kefir is a high quality probiotic source that can effectively break down these phytic acid through high phytase activity. Valuable nutrients (magnesium, iron, manganese, iron, zinc, antioxidants, vitamins, vitamin Bs) within the oats can then be released for absorption in our gut.

Milk kefir itself is a rich reservoir of nutrients as well. The wide variety of beneficial bacteria and yeast strengthens gut health which in turn aids in the digestion, absorption and utilization of nutrients more effectively.

TGF LACTOats® is highly digestible, nutritious and complex in flavour.

Wine gets better with time. Oats gets better with fermentation.


Organic cows' milk, organic rolled oats, live kefir grain cultures

Shelf life

Our LACTOats® have to be kept chilled between 1-3 degree Celsius. They are best consumed within 7 days after receipt.

Amount Available

In 500ml (Goliath) premium glass jar serves 10 or 300ml (Mini) premium glass jar serves 6.


All your orders will be packed in in a transparent PET bag for efficient cooling throughout our delivery. Should you not be home during the delivery, you may wish to purchase our foam box or insulation bag.

Highly Recommended

For weaning babies, growing children, pregnant mothers and lactose-intolerant individuals. Individuals such as pregnant moms and children less than 6 years old should not consume regular overnight oats (those soaked in milk and kept in fridge overnight) as their nutrient demands are much higher based on professional advice.

Live Lactobacillus Count

Tested in Singapore Accreditation Council laboratory for food testing, our organic lacto-fermented oats contains 52 000 000 live Lactobacillus in just 1 gram!

Other information
Our lacto-fermented oats is also a source of dietary fiber, with 3.3g of dietary fiber per 100g. There is no lactose in our LACTOats ®, this makes it highly suitable for lactose-intolerant individuals.

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