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3 Reasons Why Growing Children Needs Milk Kefir in their Diet

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The Grain Factory Organic Milk Kefir is fermented using organic cows' milk that originates from cows that roams plenty in green pastures. Using the finest cows milk, our live kefir grains produce quality milk kefir that are nutritious, good-tasting and probiotic rich. 

1. Rich in essential nutrients for growth and development

Milk kefir are rich in calcium, protein, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus. Very essentially, it contains all the B vitamins, vitamin K2 and more. K2 is a unique by-product of fermentation and is vital for calcium absorption, bone density and bone health. Milk kefir also has high levels of biotin, folate, enzymes, bio-active peptides and beneficial acids (lactic and acetic).

Milk kefir deliver a greater source of micronutrients as compared to probiotic supplements. Milk kefir itself is a huge reservoir of highly absorbable and digestible nutrients. In addition, the probiotics in milk kefir strengthens our gut which makes the absorption and utilization of nutrients from kefir and our subsequent meals even more efficient. 

2. Alleviate constipation and strengthens immunity by restoring the balance of microbiome in gut

Common childhood habits such as picky eating or over consumption of sugary foods can lead to an imbalance (dysbiosis) and limited diversity of gut microbiome. Chronic constipation in childhood and falling sick frequently are signs of an imbalanced gut. The probiotics in milk kefir are able to survive through gastric acid and reach our intestines alive. At the intestines, these probiotics are able to stay, colonize and regenerate our entire gut ecosystem. This ability is unique to milk kefir as yoghurt strains are transient and do not stay.

With over 30 to 50 strains of beneficial bacteria and yeast to colonize and regenerate our gut, this vast diversity provides significant health benefits. 81.4% of our regular kefir-consuming children aged between 1-3 are attending full day school. Among them, 28% of them experience strengthening of their immunity. 20% of them experience alleviation of childhood constipation. 4% of them experience improvements in eczema. 48% of them experience at least 2 of the above benefits.

3. Resists and fights infection

Babies and young children touch anything and everything. They generally ingest more bacteria and germs throughout the day than any adults. At the same time, their immune system is less matured than adults.

Milk kefir, apart from being a nutrient-dense food that helps build strong bones and teeth, provides the essential nourishment for brain and body development, they help resist infections. 

Lactobacillus Kefiri, a unique strain of probiotic in milk kefir, gives milk kefir a potent antibacterial characteristic. They are able to inhibit the growth and fight off pathoogens such as Salmonella, E.coli and Helicobacter Pylori. Kefiran, a form of carbohydrate that is unique to milk kefir, also possess strong antimicrobial activity.

Children who consume milk kefir on a regular basis generally has a stronger immunity. 

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