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5 Benefits of Milk Kefir during Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is a huge milestone for all women and is packed with so many little and big moments. When it comes to growing your little ones in your belly, most of us are always on the look out for foods that nourishes your growing baby.

Milk kefir is an amazing creation by our Mother Earth. With over 30 to 50 different strains of beneficial probiotics, it has resolves constipation issues and strengthens the immunity of our many children. Similarly, milk kefir is also highly beneficial for pregnancy.

In this blog post, we have listed down the 5 main benefits of milk kefir for pregnancy.

1. A Healthy Vaginal Birth

Nursery done up, baby clothes washed, breast pump bought, hospital bag packed. How about your birth canal?

Do you know that birth canal and even amniotic fluid contains microbiome.

As your baby passes through your birth canal, an important transfer of healthy microbes happens. This transfer then helps your newborn to start populating their own beneficial microbiome.

"The first populations to colonize our gut lay the main foundation for the future of our entire body". Giulia Enders, Microbiologist

The types of microbes and the amount of healthy probiotics that gets transferred can affect your baby's immunity and digestion, and their risk of allergies, eczema, asthma and even colic. Studies have shown that mothers with high probiotic intake can reduce these risks by up to 50%.

2. Reduce risk of Bacterial Vaginosis or Yeast Infections

During pregnancy, the change in pH balance of your vagina leads to an elevated level of estrogen. This heightened level can increase the risk of yeast infections. Through nourishing your microbiome, it strengthens your immunity and reduces your risk of infections.

3. Aids Digestion and prevents Pregnancy Constipation

Due to the hormonal changes that occurs during pregnancy, it can result in the relaxation of digestive tract muscles that leads to a reduction in gut motility (constipation) and breaking down of food (indigestion).

A healthy gut with adequate probiotic intake can reduce these symptoms as well as heartburn, excess wind and even diarrhea.

4. May prevent Preterm Labor and Preeclampsia

Preterm labor (before 37 weeks) and preeclampsia are often linked to a higher level of inflammation than normal pregnancy. Studies have proven that the use of probiotics during pregnancy can reduce the risk of such pregnancy complications. 

5. Contains the correct form of Folate (Vitamin B-12)

The unique benefit of milk kefir as compared to probiotic supplement is that it delivers a greater source of overall nutrition. As a fermented milk beverage, milk kefir is high in calcium, amino acids, bioactive peptides, vitamin Ks that is essential for the proper growth and development of fetus. 

Folate is exceptionally important for pregnancy and for women who is trying to conceive. Folate aids in preventing major birth defects of baby's brain and spine. 

Probiotic bacteria in milk kefir is capable of folate production, the correct and natural form of folate to prevent birth defects.

Folic acid is a synthetic form that is provided for pregnancy as a supplement and requires a conversion into methyl folate before our body can utilize it. However, due to genetic variants that affects up to 1/3 of women, this specific conversion process is affected and they would not be able to utilize folic acid as efficiently as they wanted to.

Although dark leafy vegetables, lentils and legumes contains natural form of folate, folate is not heat stable and they can be destroyed during the cooking process.

Avocado and milk kefir that does not requires cooking or baking serves as a great source of natural folate.


At The Grain Factory, we use only pasteurized organic full cream cows' milk to feed our live kefir grains, producing high quality milk kefir that is so safe for pregnant moms to enjoy. Certified with 400 million cfu/g of live Lactobacillus, these probiotics in milk kefir are able to make their way through and reaches your gut alive.

Sharing a real-life review from our customer, 

"Hello TGF Team! I just wanna say Kuddos and a huge thank you for this amazing probiotic drink. I consumed it daily during pregnancy from 7 months. My appetite was poor but I enjoyed drinking the milk kefir. Throughout the pregnancy, I noticed that my hair and nail growth was faster than usual. Despite my food aversions and poor appetite, I actually gave birth to a big baby, weighing at 4.175kg. I am convinced that it's from all the milk kefir I consumed everyday. Thank you for this wonderful product. HIghly recommend!!!" - Ms Marina


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